Tracy Faith Kawa

Take the K-BAT!

K-BAT for Professionals & Teams

The Kawa Business Assessment Tool, aka K-BAT, is a 32 question online Assessment which reveals your Professional DNA. The K-BAT uses 7 different combined sciences to identify an individual in 7 key areas/modules: professional strengths, professional values & current value sets & conflicts, stages of company growth, business culture fit, work style, sales style and decision making processes. It is the ideal tool for professional & business development, as the words that are printed in bold are what distinguish this entrepreneurial/business Assessment tool from standard personality tests currently on the market. Our specialized modules are also built into a single tool and are completed in approximately 15 minutes, in comparison with compartmentalized and lengthier tests.

The K-BAT comes with a front-end report, a back-end report, and a debrief session which is either one-to-one or delivered in workshop format, depending on the size of your team. It uncovers the opportunities within each personalized report. Depending on the findings, and the needs of your particular team, the K-BAT can be a stand-alone item, or it can be built into a short or long-term coaching package.

The Science Behind the K-BAT

The K-BAT is based on 7 sciences which include the Values work of Dr. Clare Graves, Emotional Intelligence, Strengthfinders, 20 years of research from Stanford University and Harvard Business School, as well as respected theorists, all put together in an algorithm that is 3rd party validated by the University of Indiana, as well as the thousands that have taken the Assessment.

For Professionals:

  • Understand your driving values and your professional DNA

  • Reaffirm your values, drive confidence and high morale

  • Improve performance and productivity

  • Re-align with your purpose

  • Make values-driven decisions

  • Develop strategies to address challenges

  • Determine the highest use of your time and talents

  • Reveal pain points and blind spots 

  • Validate Strengths

  • Provide clarity and career direction

For Teams:

  • Ensure that you have the right people in the right roles

  • Drive profitability

  • Create a shared common language and cohesive, winning teams

  • Develop strategic partnerships

  • Support professionals in taking ownership of their roles

  • Provide clarity to create a successful roadmap for business growth