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Our Story

After years of business successes and failures of my own, I realized I needed a tool to help me meet clients where they were at.  Each client had their own specific need, however there’s a difference between customizing solutions and reinventing the wheel.  I wanted a tried and true process to move clients along their path, from the frustration and pain points of the current career or job, to a new role or career in which they could use all of their skills, learn new ones, and have the opportunity to grow and feel career satisfaction.  That’s when I redeveloped the K-BAT, Kawa Business Assessment Tool, based on 7 different sciences.  I created a proven process and developed a training to share this process with you!  Let me teach you how to leverage each client’s report, to find the valuable information within it, and how to use this information as a guide to support your clients through career and business transformations, or to simply get the best out of them.  Help your client see themselves functioning at their highest potential! 

Today's modern professional needs tools and processes that it can rely on to illuminate values, pain points, and blind spots! 

The K-BAT supports you in guiding your clients through a process for their career development and growth.  Used with individuals, teams, C-suite, or middle management, the K-BAT addresses the values, blindspots, decision-making process of your client and so much more, and acts as a guide so you can lead your clients to career satisfaction!

Why K-BAT?

Give your clients a transformative experience! Become K-BAT Certified to bring your clients the most innovative tools to help them reveal their blind spots, identify their drivers, and work within their VALUES. Deliver impact, gain lifetime referrals!

Professional DNA

Develop a career roadmap using the K-BAT!

Illuminate Blind Spots

Identify your Professional DNA! Find out the drivers that make you most successful in business, and who you need to have on your team to succeed YOUR WAY!

A Process you can Trust!

Successfully used with thousands of career transitioners, the K-BAT transforms your vision of yourself as a career builder, using validated sciences!

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